About Me

My name is Ruth Ann and live on 3 acres in Rustburg, VA with my husband, our three horses, two dogs and five cats. Some of my favorite things are: riding and training my horses, Daisy, Freedom, and Libby, as well as having long talks about anything and everything with close friends. I enjoy photography, a good book and learning more on my daily walk with Christ and sharing what I am learning. I strive to live my life for Christ and be a Godly example to those around me.

I mainly started this blog because I wanted a place away from my other blogs to share what has been running thru my mind. My musings blog is about my horses and my photography blog is about my photos. This blog might contain some things that I learned from my horses and most likely some photos but the majority will be about what God has been showing me as I dig more into His Word and as I continue on my Christian journey, as well as any Bible passages that I happen to want to dig more into. At times it might be jumbled and not make sense, please forgive me for that. If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave a comment on a blog post. But my desire is to share what I am learning and have fun along the way. Hope you can walk away encouraged and maybe even with some new insight. 😃

Other places you can find me are
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