Monday, July 29, 2013

In His Time

I had spoken about trials and everything working together for good and God's purpose in this post. I am going to write a bit about what has been happening in my life as far as trusting in God for a job and waiting on his timing.

Well I haven't had a job outside of working for my Dad since March. I quit the job I was working at in March since where I worked I was icing cakes a majority of the day which caused me to use my arms repetitively. By using my arms so much in the same way day after day, caused my elbow to get tennis elbow which made every day things here at home, with my horses, as well as at work. I got help by going to the chiropractor and he fixed my arms. They aren't totally healed up but they are a lot better than they used to be. Anyway, I say all this to say that I had been in the process of looking for a job even before I quit my job. I was on tour in June with my chorus and then on a family trip with my family so most of June I was gone. I had asked God that I would like to not get a job till after I return from all those things. When we returned I called the nanny service that I was looking for a job thru and she set an interview up with a family that had two girls (the nanny service interviewed me in January but I hadn't gotten any interviews with families since then) . Well that didn't work out so I was kinda wondering what else I should do. Then this past week I applied at a place called Friendship Community which is a place that cares for older people with development disabilities. I went for an assessment on Thursday for that job. I wasn't to enthused about getting that job since I am more comfortable working with children than adults but I figured it was worth a try. You see, I wanted a job that I can work with people and influence them in a small way ;) Well I was no more home from the assessment, and the nanny service called me, telling me that she has a family she thinks would work out for me. She asked me if I am available for an interview that evening yet. I said yes and she said she will call the family and see if it works for them as well.

She called me back in a bit and told me that the interview was set for 6:30. I went to the interview, met the family and the children (2 boys, ages 3 and 6 months), and got to know them a bit. I called Karen (the nanny service lady) after the interview and told her I liked the family and would be interested in the job. She called me Friday morning and told me that I have the job if I want it :) Well I did and got the job. I start in September since the mom is a school teacher. I am so thankful for God's provision and I can see his hand in all this. It was fun being able to work for my dad here at home all summer with the family business but I will be glad to be back doing something I enjoy. (I had been a nanny for two years prior to the 8 months I was working at the cake place and really enjoyed that.) I also hope to make a difference in these children's lives...even if it is in a small way. I feel that I am going to be right where God wants me to be! That is the best feeling in the world...the peace of knowing that God has put me where he wants me to be and I know he will use me as he sees fit!

Sunday, July 28, 2013


I was thinking that I hadn't posted in a while and was thinking on different topics I wanted to write about. The one that came to mind was about water. It has been quite warm this past week here on the east coast and since some of my job consists of working outside some of the day, water has become especially important to me. Our bodies need water, but especially on very warm days our bodies need to stay hydrated. But just like our bodies need to be constantly given water, our spiritual lives also need to continually watered.

One way to continually water our spiritual lives is by spending time with God in your devotions. For me that can be a struggle to do it every day but I have found as you draw closer to God the more you WANT that time and the more you actually make sure you have that time. It isn't always easy but it should be a priority. It will help you not only grow in your spiritual life as well as draw you closer to God.

Another way to water your spiritual life is to have open communication with God. Our way of communicating with God is praying. I pray when I have my devotions but it is also great to pray throughout the day as you think of things and when you run up against something during the day. It is amazing how praying can change your outlook on things in life :) There is tremendous power in prayer and I know I forget sometimes how much power there is in prayer.

So may you go through this next week and think about how you can continue to water your spiritual life and may you draw closer to God as you do so.