Saturday, April 20, 2013

A Freeing but Growing Experience

I am reading a book called Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. I had just finished reading the book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris and then I asked my sister if I could read the book I got her for Christmas, Authentic Beauty by Leslie Ludy. She didn't care that I did, so that is the book I picked up. It is so interesting to me how God seems to put these books in the order he wants me to read them and they somehow flow together...It has happened before. Reading the Do Hard Things book got me ready to do the hard things I needed to do while reading Authentic Beauty. :)

So far I have found Authentic Beauty to be a very good book. It is one that really makes you look at your spiritual life; where you are at in your walk with Christ as well as seeing how you can improve it. Personally for me, I saw some areas that I had sinned in way back when and never really taken care of those things. I believe that is probably part of the reason that I felt like I haven't been growing spiritually like I could have been. I have asked God to bring to mind any other areas that I haven't taken care of and as he does that I pray forgiveness for them and repent of them. It is a really freeing experience. I know there are some things that I still need to take care of but I am ok with it. God is walking with me thru this process and it is definitely worth the time and effort it takes.

It has been a growing experience for me so far and I am hoping that the more I read the book, that God will continue showing me things that I need to do. You might end up hearing more about this book as I read it. If you ever have a chance to read this It doesn't matter if you are older or younger I think it could help women of all ages :)

Here are some more links from The Christian Pundit about modesty:

Friday, April 19, 2013

Doing Hard Things, Sexual Godliness, and It Matters Whom You Marry

I found this site, The Christian Pundit, today. This is the first post, It Matters Whom You Marry, I read on the site and after I read it I wanted to see what else they had. I have been reading some of the material on there and wow...very inspiring! If you have a chance go check it out. It is very worth the time it takes to read some of their stuff. I was checking out their posts under the Marriage section and they have a lot of good posts. The ones I read were about sexual godliness in two parts. Here are parts one and two. I am so glad I found this site.

Another site that is worth checking out is The Rebelution and the guy's book Do Hard Things by Alex and Brett Harris. I just finished this book and it was a great book to read and I recommend any teen (and adult) to read it. My cousin told me about it and had lent it to me. It made me see that we teens (as well as me) sometimes think oh we can't do this or we can't do that because we are to young or to small, or any other excuse we can think up. The hard things are different for each person but that is the neat thing because we are all different but yet we can work together and often our differences compliment each other. Not always but often they do :) I really appreciated the message these guys brought out in their book and would definitely recommend it.

Friday, April 12, 2013

All Things Work Together for Good

There are times when you feel like the trial in front of you is bigger than what you can handle. You know what I am talking about, we've all been there. When you are in the center of that trial it seems like you are never going to see the end of it. That is when you have the choice of either continuing to struggle on your own or ask God for help (if you didn't before)! I know we often wait till we are in the center of a trial till we ask for help.
Over past year I was felt like God was throwing lots of random trials at me and I felt overwhelmed. But you know, the reason I felt overwhelmed is because I wasn't allowing God to be in charge and when I handed my problems to him, my life was so much easier. Oh, my trial didn't vanish instantly away but once I handed it to God I wasn't worrying about how I was going to handle it. I also was filled with peace even though I was in the center of the "storm". To me that is the most awesome feeling..having peace in the center of turmoil. Looking back I see why God placed those trials in my life and I am thankful he did. He was cultivating me in his "greenhouse" getting ready to plant me in the next season in my life.
The trials also helped me see areas that I personally needed to work on in my life as well as seeing areas I need to work on in dealing with my family and people outside of my family. I know there are trials ahead but the one thing that gives me peace is the fact that God is in control and he knows the reason he is bringing each thing into my life ultimately for HIS divine purpose!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Identity Crisis

Here is a link that is worth checking out I haven't really done any deep checking into everything that he says but I do agree with a lot of it that is for sure! Very interesting and causes you to think!!